New! Vidcat USB

You Choose The Videos. We Load The Flash Drive.

Play Fashion Show Videos On Your TV! Connect the Vidcat USB drive directly to your TV, or use a USB Media Player.

Select videos from our premium fashion video library… Fashion Week Runway Shows, Fashion Flashbacks, Backstage Hair & Makeup, Fashion Trends, Supermodels, Men’s Shows, Vintage Films, 80s fashion and much more!

New! USB Media Player

In order to play videos from the USB flash drive without using the USB port on your TV, we recommend using a small USB media player. The player provides full HD video playback and can be programmed to repeat/loop all videos on the drive. The device is available from Amazon and comes with a remote and connects to your TV with a HDMI cable.

Note:  Play videos directly from the USB stick to your TV- Most modern TVs with a USB port can play the videos (MP4, H.264) from a USB stick. But not all TVs can loop/repeat the videos for playback. Please consult your TV manual or tech support for details about direct playback and video repeat function from a USB stick connected to your TV.


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