UPDATE- VIDCAT offers USB flash drives filled with fashion videos (no need to buy a USB drive and download videos.)

Also, we now recommend a new USB media player:


Micca Speck G2 1080p Full-HD Ultra Portable Digital Media USB Player


Many of our customers have asked us how they can download fashion show videos from our website and play them in a continuous loop on their TV screens.

Here are our suggestions:

First, visit the VIDCAT Fashion Videos Download Store and purchase the fashion show videos you would like to play on your TV. After payment you will receive a receipt with the download links for your videos. Download the videos to your PC or MAC and copy them over to a USB Drive.

Most people would prefer to copy the videos to a USB stick drive and place the drive into the USB slot of their TV. They can then navigate to the USB connection on their TV and watch the videos. BUT, the USB playback on most TVs will only play one video program at a time and not play all the videos in a playlist or folder and the videos will not loop/repeat after the last video plays.
Note: Some Samsung TV models do have the repeat/loop function built into their Media Center.
Either way, I would not suggest plugging the USB stick drive directly into the TV… the drive will be using power from the TV and can cause the TV to suddenly go to “sleep” from lack of power.

Instead, we recommend using a Media Player which plays back videos from a USB stick drive. *This is not a Streaming Media Player which downloads videos from the internet, but rather a Media Player which plays videos from a USB drive. You simply insert the USB Stick Drive loaded with videos into the Media Player and connect the Media Player to your TV with an HDMI cable.

We tested this Media Player for the following qualities we know you will need to play our beautiful HD fashion videos in your establishment:

  • Multiple videos playback function
  • Loop/repeat videos
  • Smooth video transition between videos
  • HD video playback
  • Solid construction
  • Media Player manufacturer support


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