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About Us

Tadashi Shoji_V

Vidcat is a New York based media production and distribution company specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos.

We’re allĀ  about fashion and style.
We’re obsessed with Fashion History.
And we think videos should be high quality.
It’s nice to meet you.
Our Story.

Established in 1985, we started producing and distributing fashion videos for designers (Tommy Hilfiger was our first client!,) brands and stores. MTV music videos was all the rage and fashion brands created their own “fashion films” to showcase their image and products. Vidcat became the main distribution company, sending fashion videos (3/4″ tapes) to news stations, broadcast TV programmers and retail stores.

We soon started to produce videos and cover Fashion Week for distribution as well.

Our Archive.

The Vidcat Fashion Video Archive includes fashion runway shows (1980s-recent), backstage hair, makeup and designer interviews, fashion trends and model footage.
The highlight of the collection are original 1950s-1960s B&W fashion newsreels.

Fashion Footage from the archive is available for Syndication and Editorial/News Broadcast license.

Please Contact Us with any research or licensing requests.

Our Mission.

We strive to document fashion history as it happens… Our video archive (1950s- recent) features fashion runway shows, backstage interviews, fashion films and vintage newsreels.
We look forward to providing schools, universities, libraries, agencies and all fashion related industries access to the archive as a research and educational resource.

Please Contact Us with any questions or requests.