PictureCARTIER DAZZLING HIGH JEWELRY AND PRECIOUS OBJECTS By François Chaille Flammarion / ISBN: 978-2-08-020260-4
Previous volumes in the expansive Cartier library have presented the latest creations from this illustrious house’s High Jewelry workshop; precious stones and the craft of fine jewelry-making are at the heart of this latest volume, which also explores the fascinating narrative behind these storied creations.

Notably, Cartier Dazzling reveals the history of the celebrated Romanov sapphire; its many jeweled iterations, and the fascinating lives of its owners. It opens with how Cartier uncovered the identity of the original owner— the vivacious Maria Feodorovna, mother of Tsar Nicholas II—and the dramatic details of her life—the loss of her first love and later her infant son to meningitis, her husband to a terrorist attack, a nearly fatal train accident, and the untimely deaths of her second husband and her remaining three sons.  

Gleaming with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds set in elegant and audacious compositions, this exquisitely produced, luxurious volume is a MUST-HAVE book which invites the reader to admire these treasures... which are beautifully illustrated on each page.

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