Press Release: Vidcat Launches Screen Fashion TV

Digital Signage Specially Designed for Salons, Spas, Boutiques and Hotels

Fashion Video Distribution Company Replaces DVDs with Streaming Fashion Videos

NEW YORK: Video Catalogue Inc. (VIDCAT,) a New York based video production company specializing in fashion and beauty videos, announces the launch of Screen Fashion TV a new streaming video network. After 10 years of producing and distributing fashion show DVDs, the company is entering the digital distribution age by utilizing a digital signage platform which streams a playlist of fashion videos to the TVs of subscribers.

Why the company will soon be replacing DVDs with streaming videos, VIDCAT President Janet Pytowski said, “As our DVD sales were declining, requests for alternative delivery methods for our premium fashion videos were increasing. The challenge was finding a package that included streaming video software and media player hardware that could handle our large files of HD full-screen fashion videos at an affordable rate. We chose a digital signage platform for streaming videos because of the customization potential and dynamic nature of the platform. Video playlists can be changed instantaneously and customized slideshows can be inserted into individual screens providing up-to-date marketing messages for our subscribers. The new Android based media players provide the hardware to power the network.”

Screen Fashion TV turns stylish reception areas and workplace TVs into entertainment and marketing screens for business subscribers. The playlist of Screen Fashion TV HD videos include the latest fashion week runway shows, backstage hair and beauty videos, catwalk trends and popular movie trailers. In addition, slideshows of subscriber’s ads, look-books and promotions can be inserted into the playlist of their TV screens.

The Screen Fashion TV hardware and software package includes a Media Player which attaches to a TV via an HDMI cable and a video network subscription which is delivered to the media player via the internet.

About Screen Fashion TV: Digital fashion video network distributed via the internet.

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