Vidcat USB: The Supermodels

Play Supermodel Fashion Videos On Your TV With A USB Drive! USB flash drive filled with excusive The Supermodels videos.




Play Supermodel Fashion Videos On Your TV With A USB Drive! USB Flash drive filled with our exclusive THE SUPERMODELS video Program.

HOW-TO PLAY VIDEOS ON YOUR TV (Internet access NOT required):

  1. Insert USB stick into the USB port on TV (usually on back or side of TV)
  2. On your TV Remote (settings): Set TV input source to USB
  3. On your TV Remote (Settings): Loop/Repeat Videos

 If you want to play videos directly from the USB stick to your TV: Most modern TVs with a USB port can play the videos (MP4, H.264) from a USB stick. But not all TVs can loop/repeat the videos for playback. Please consult your TV manual or tech support for details about direct playback and video repeat function from a USB stick connected to your TV.

Note: If you want to play videos from the USB flash drive without using the USB port on your TV, we recommend using a small USB media player. The player provides full HD video playback and can be programmed to repeat/loop all videos on the drive. The device connects to your TV with a HDMI cable. You can purchase the Micca Speck G2 USB media player ($39.99) through Amazon and listed in our shop.

The Supermodels Video:

Length: 10 Minutes

Video: 1920 x 1080, 1 GB

Audio/Music: YES


Additional information

Video Format

MP4, H.264




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