Retro Fashions USB

Retro Fashions USB

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The RETRO FASHONS video program is specially formatted to create a trendy vintage environment to entertain your customers, clients and staff. The exclusive videos contain an exciting mix of 1950s-60s B&W fashion newsreels as well as iconic 80s fashion shows. The stylish videos are compiled on a USB Flash Drive and ready to be transferred to your computer, external storage device, media player or cloud storage.

*Note if you want to play videos directly from the USB stick to your TV: Most TVs with a USB port can play the videos (MP4, H.264) from a USB stick. But not all TVs can loop/repeat the videos for playback. Some Blu-Ray DVD players (with a USB port) can play/loop videos from a USB stick and playback on your connected TV screen. Please consult your TV/DVD manual or tech support for details about direct playback from a USB stick to your TV.

1950s-60s B&W newsreels (1 hour, 1980s fashion shows 10 minutes.)

Music/Audio: 1950s-60s YES. 1980s NO.

Video Format: MP4, H.264

Resolution: 640x480

Size: 2.08 GB.


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